5 things to do whilst practising outside of your driving lessons

5 things to do whilst practising outside of your driving lessons

As we always say at InsureLearnerDriver, practising outside of your driving lessons is a key ingredient to boosting your chances of passing your driving test. Not to mention it can do absolute wonders for your confidence behind the wheel!

But even private practice can become tedious if you’re doing the same thing repeatedly. So, here’s some things to put on your to do list to shake up practising outside of your driving lessons.


Drive to different places


Practising outside of your driving lessons doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Fancy a trip to the drive-thru? Go for it. Want to go shopping? Do it! All you need is an accompanying driver that meets your insurer’s criteria and you can drive anywhere (apart from motorways).

It’s a little taste of the freedom that comes with passing your test, so make the most of it.

Drive at night


When you pass your test, we very much doubt that you’ll only drive during the daytime. Even though it is not a requirement for the driving test, it is extremely beneficial to practice this before you pass. Don’t be intimidated by it, the best time to do this for the first time is with an experienced driver next to you.

Drive with different passengers


We love our parents very much. However, sometimes they can make driving an even more stressful experience… It can be a good idea to invite different people to be your accompanying driver (if they’re willing!).

If you’re insured on an InsureLearnerDriver policy, the criteria for the accompanying driver is anyone over 25 and has held an UK, EEA or EU licence for at least 3 years. It does not have to be the owner of the car if you have a borrowed policy.

Here’s a full blog on choosing a good accompanying driver

 Practice the “show me, tell me” section


Hopefully, you would run through the “show me, tell me” part of the driving test with your instructor. However, we understand that during driving lessons, time is limited. Try running through your revision for the questions whilst sitting in your parked car.

Your car is a good setting to practice these questions because the subject of the questions is most likely right there in front of you! It might help you remember far better than reading a book.

Click here to see the official Government page on “Show me, Tell me” questions. 


Dedicate time to parking practice


Parking is one of the most difficult parts of not only learning to drive but driving as a whole, with limited time during driving lessons you may not always be able to practice it.

It takes time and practice to be able to master such a skill, especially when it comes to parallel parking! Practising parking outside of your driving lessons will hopefully feel a little bit less stressful!


Practising outside of your driving lessons is an important part of learning to drive. In order to do this, you’ll need insurance – as it’s a legal requirement in the UK.

InsureLearnerDriver can provide cover that learner’s themselves can purchase online in just a few minutes, whether they need to borrow a car or already have their own.

Click here to get a learner insurance quick quote

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