How Many Driving Lessons Does it Take to Pass my Driving Test?

How Many Driving Lessons Does it Take to Pass my Driving Test?

If you’re asking yourself, “how many driving lessons does it take my driving test?”; you might as well be asking yourself “how long is a piece of string?”.

No two drivers are the same. Each learner driver is unique, so there isn’t a magic number of driving lessons.

What is the average number of driving lessons?

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), on average, it takes around 45 hours of lessons to learn to drive, with an addition of 22 hours of practising.

But don’t take this to heart. Some drivers may need less, and some drivers may need more. The truth is that it doesn’t matter how many lessons it takes to pass your test, but that you pass it as a safe driver.

The number of new drivers involved in car accidents is enough evidence to highlight the importance of passing your driving test as a safe driver.

Young woman in the driving seat during her driving lesson with her driving instructor

Are intensive driving lessons safe?

Companies that offer Intensive Driving Courses often advertise a high pass rate or even a “guaranteed pass” at the end of the course. This has led to the impression that an intensive driving course is the ‘easy’ route to passing your test.

An Intensive Driving Course is a great way to reach test standard in a short period, but it may not make you an experienced driver.

Think about it, who’s car would you rather be in, someone who has just passed their test after learning for a week or someone who’s passed their test after learning for a year?

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How can I save money when learning to drive?

Some learner drivers might want to know how many driving lessons they need because they’re conscious about cost; which we do not blame you for!

The cost of learning to drive is far from cheap, however there are ways you can cut down on the cost without compromising your own safety.

If you only have driving lessons, it’s likely that you spend some time going over the same thing. When you add private practice between your lessons, you can reduce the time spent recapping and move onto something new.

Driving lessons only last from 1 to 2 hours, so private practice allows you to focus on improving your driving skills at your own pace.

The best thing about private practice is that you can insure yourself for just £8.48 a day with InsureLearnerDriver*.

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*This is based on average criteria for those looking to practice their driving in a borrowed car.

You’ll only have to learn to drive once in your life (hopefully), so if you need to invest extra time and funds into doing it right, you’ll benefit from it in the future.

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