Who should be my supervising driver?

Who should be my supervising driver?

Practising your driving outside of lessons is an integral part of learning to drive. In order to do that, you need a supervising driver.

Everyone has their own style of driving, but who will the best candidate to sit next to you in the passenger seat? If you haven’t decided on who should be your supervising driver, this blog should help you out!

Your Mum

We can’t speak for all mums, however, in our own experiences, mums might find it hard to keep calm in the passenger seat at first. Seeing her baby behind the wheel could be a bit of a shock, so make sure to give her time to adjust! Once she is over that, she’ll be able to share her wisdom with you to make you a safer driver.

Your Dad

Typically, dads can be more relaxed in the passenger seats than mums might be however, there still might be challenges! Dads tend to think they know everything about the roads, so be prepared to be told how to do things “properly” …

Your Sibling

If you’re lucky enough to have a sibling to help you out with your private practice then great! There might be a little less pressure involved than driving with a parent. There’s also a good chance that they have more recent memories of the driving test – so they might know what you’re going through more than mum and dad.

Your Grandparents

Now, a lot of people write off asking your Nan or Grandad to help you out with driving, but we disagree with this. Your grandparents would be your family members with the most experience of the roads, learn from the masters! Just keep in mind that it may have been quite a few years since they’ve taken their test.

Your Mate

Learning to drive doesn’t have to be driving round the block with your family members! Why not grab a mate who meets the supervising driver criteria of your insurer and go on an adventure?

Whoever you choose to be your supervising driver, make sure not to pick up any bad habits and most importantly, just have fun with it!

At InsureLearnerDriver, the supervising driver doesn’t have to own the car. They just need to be over 25-72 and have held a UK/EEA/EU driving licence for at least 3 years.

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